Großenkelin von Eisenhower erwähnt Ra-Material

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Großenkelin von Dwight Eisenhower, dem 34. Präsidenten der USA (1953-1961), hat sich auf Facebook über das Ra-Material geäußert. In ihrem Beitrag bezieht sie sich auf die 19. Frage der 24. Sitzung vom 15. Februar 1981. Die deutsche Übersetzung der Frage ist hier zu finden.

Dwight Eisenhower’s great granddaughter comments on the reference of her great grandfather in the Law of One.

Some people may need to hear this, some may not care and some may think it is not worth my breath. Lots of rumors surround Eisenhower – I am not here to stand up for him or be biased, or hide any information regarding who he was and what he did or did not do for our Country. I am here for Truth, even if it hurts. I think it is important to at least share this info from the Ra Material about the encounters Ike had with ET’s ~

“24.19 Questioner: …It’s not too important, but I would really be interested to know if Dwight Eisenhower met with either the Confederation or the Orion group during the 1950s or that time?

Ra: I am Ra. The one of which you speak met with thought-forms which are indistinguishable from third density. This was a test. We, the Confederation, wished to see what would occur if this extremely positively oriented and simple congenial person with no significant distortions towards power happened across peaceful information and the possibilities which might append therefrom. We discovered that this entity did not feel that those under his care could deal with the concepts of other beings and other philosophies. Thus an agreement reached then allowed him to go his way, ourselves to do likewise; and a very quiet campaign, as we have heard you call it, be continued alerting your peoples to our presence gradually. Events have overtaken this plan.”

So, this was not about being a part of the Illuminati and Negative Alien Agenda – this was about a decision made with good intentions that got hi-jacked and when this happened, he wished to invade Area 51, but to no avail. Then comes the warning of the Military Industrial Complex after working hard to assist beings from Venus with their mission – Valiant Thor, who he put up in the Pentagon under VIP status for 3 years, but the Shadow Government shut it down. Their mission was and still is, to assist the human race in returning to Christ Consciousness and to help us to rise above the false power structures.

I too have a positive orientation and deeply care about this planet and the human race. If anyone wishes to blame me for what my Ancestors didn’t do right, then does that mean we should all look to the past and carry the guilt and responsibility of our Ancestors, or should we be the ones to set the record straight and stand in our own power, integrity and self-responsibility and get things into alignment with our true Divine nature, so that any negative being does not stand a chance of enslaving us or controlling us – I think this is the best answer!! When we do this, we heal our Ancestral lines. The Spirit of our Ancestors guides us in this.

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